and the case of the King Street embankment‏…

I have been asked to submit some ideas for a street art project called walkARTbout which is happening as part of Newcastle’s This Is Not Art festival for 2010.Whilst nothing is planned or finalised or certain to even happen at this stage I have been doing some drawings in preparation. The space I have been asked to use is an old concrete wall that once formed a railway embankment. It’s a very dirty wall, so the process that would be used to get my work onto it is called reverse graffiti. This involves making stencils out of plastic and then using a high-pressure water hose to clean selective areas to create the final image. I am super excited by the idea, but adapting my work for this process is proving a real challenge.

The last drawing is easily my favourite, mainly because it is recognisable as my work. That’s probably a side effect of me being self absorbed and vain…



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2 responses to “and the case of the King Street embankment‏…

  1. sriwaynu

    I still want this to happen. It would be beneath my window…

    • Me too, but the guy from council who was working on it got distracted and is now working for another council. Maybe his replacement will get in contact with me. I did a heap of work and attended several meetings unpaid for this one and nothing has happened.

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