The Governor should be allowed to have some fun for once…

I have been avoiding working on my Honours dissertation, which is stalled at 2000 words and may be for some time, because the committee of the gallery I had proposed to have my Honours Exhibition at are Asses. To avoid writing and junk, I have started drawing up an invite for the next show I will be curating with my pals Bec and Amy as part of our job as the 2010 Watt Space student committee. It’s called ‘The Macquarie Show’ and is about Governor Lachlan Macquarie, because it’s the 200th anniversary of him becoming Governor of NSW, and these sorts of things should be celebrated. Some people don’t seem to think historical figures are allowed to have any fun, as far as I’m concerned this wont do!



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2 responses to “The Governor should be allowed to have some fun for once…

  1. Mandy

    Can’t wait to see it! Hope you find another venue for your honours show soon.

    • Thanks Mandy! At this stage I’ll be applying for an extension and showing at Watt Space early next year. The whole debacle means I wont ever exhibit at NAS again. That probably sounds petty, but I think I deserve better treatment than the current committee has been willing to impart…

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