So long Macquarie, and thanks for all the fish…

So the Macquarie show has just come down. If you didn’t find time to see it Macquarie would say you are a scoundrel, and I’d be inclined to agree with him. Fortunately for you I took some photographs, I wasn’t able to get pictures of everything because by the time I got there today people had already been in to collect the works they had purchased! It was very satisfying that having asked people to produce work on a subject outside their normal practice many of these works actually sold! I hope I get to do more curatorial work like this in the future, and I also hope I get to work with all the participating artists again. They are all marvellous clever people and it was a privilege to work with them.

I made a model of the Bounty!

and put it with my prints!

Marvellous works by Amy Hill, Tallulah Cunningham and yours truly.

More by Tallulah Cunningham and Breony Delforce

More of Tallulah, and the coat I used in Amy’s photographs to sully the good name of Macquarie.

I should close by thanking the artists that donated their time and space: Michael Keith Richards, Zoe Tweedale, Breony Delforce, Tallulah Cunningham, Maree Hendry and Amy Hill, you are all talented fiends!


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One response to “So long Macquarie, and thanks for all the fish…

  1. Mandy

    Got to see the show yesterday just before it closed – great stuff as usual. Yes indeed, you are all talented folk indeed.

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