That would be like harnessing the electrical power of twelve volcanos to tie your shoelaces!

So ‘Railway Mania’ has now been installed, opened, assessed, closed and taken down. If you missed it fear not! Below you will be able to experience the show as if it had been captured using a camera and flattened into two-dimensional images comprised of pixels.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who came to see the show. As this is likely to be my very last exhibition at Watt Space, I’d also like to thank everyone who has made my time working with and for this wonderful gallery such a worthwhile and positive experience. Watt Space often seems to be used as an academic football, with local art reviewers projecting the universities lack of full time fine art staff and under resourced studios onto the work they view at Watt Space. Given my experience, I see this as a spectacular misinterpretation of what the gallery is and the role it plays in the development and careers of emerging artists. Watt Space continues on in spite of the UoN and its problems, it is a student gallery run by students for students. Without it my degree would have been a much poorer experience.


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