I have finally had a bit of time to go through the photographs of my installation on Marjorie. There were over 500 photographs taken that morning, as well as over an hour of video footage. I am hugely indebted to photographer Amy Hill, curator Todd Fuller, and Dom Kelly-both an excellent filmmaker and squire. I am proud to have worked with them on such an exciting project.

I also feel so privileged to have been granted permission by the Richmond Vale Railway Museum to use something as valuable as the only operational steam locomotive in their fleet. The collection out at RVR is precious to me; it was visiting the museum and places like it that cultivated my interest and passion for steam locomotives as a child. I’m now building a career out of that childhood obsession, simply by sharing the drawings I’d be doing even if nobody wanted to look at them! I’m not sure if I look like it, but I certainly feel like the cat that got the cream.

If you get a chance you should visit Richmond Main, far from just being precious to me, the rolling stock collection, railway and the site itself are not just of local significance, but national and international importance.


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